Hello, Spring!

“Whoa, London does spring sooo well” – the only thing I can comment about this beautiful season.

London always knows how to dress up for every season with a unique outfit. In the mid-March, the arrival of spring witnesses a change of pace in this metropolitan city with longer days, warmer weather and outbreaks of spring drizzle. Behold the lovely springtime!

London’s green areas have their best look in spring. Cherry and apple blossoms are a clear sign of spring’s arrival, and the best places to see them are St James’s Park and Regent Park, where numerous blooming pink and white flowers cover some corners of this metropolitan city with a charming look after long winter time. The charming it looked on that some lovely spring Sunday as wandering along small paths of royal parks with my besties, stopping here and there to take photographs or enjoy such beautiful springtime. These are absolutely the sort of days I hope to have many many more of over the next few months.

Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.

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