The Story Of Mai

Hello! I’m Thanh Mai – the name I was given by my grandmother, which means a little apricot blossom tree in Vietnamese.

Welcome you to my oasis – where I showcase the stories about the places I visited, the food I ate and things I interested.

I am a Saigon-born. After found some interests in Creative and Marketing, I went to London to study in 4 years, and came back to Vietnam to start a business project about tea.

To describe me, “marketing enthusiasm” and “inquisitiveness” are the most suitable vocables. I have a huge interest in both creative and strategic works, which lead me to a professional career path in digital marketing.

Besides tea and working, my passions include travel, nature, culinary, photography, cultural diversity and people. I am hungry to explore every single side that the Earth has to offer, as I believed that if able, travelling is an essential tool in expanding our mind and learning about this planet – where human calls home.

Make yourself a cup of tea, find a comfortable seat and head to the Homepage, if you want to read my stories, some are written in Vietnamese and others in English.


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