Spring walks in Gloucestershire

One day, my friend – Tho told me that we had to visit Bibury – the oldest English village when spring comes, and would waste our time if we haven’t known English ancient town when we live in England. Most of the things we saw in England that have an old beauty presenting for its history, long-term development of culture and economics, so I could not imagine how beautiful there is at that time.

That was extremely tired, but we had a lot of fun. Until now, we always call it an incredible trip since we did not have any plan for that trip, just checked a nearest sunny day to go.

Gloucestershire is a county located in the southwest of England, where is known for ancient towns appears from the past 10th century. The city of Bristol was once part of Gloucestershire, but much of the population moved to port, and later split into the present-day port city of Bristol. Bibury is recognized as the oldest village of Gloucestershire which has the honor of being printed on the passport of British citizens.

We departed in Luton station by train to Farringdon station, then changed to Hammersmith & city line to Paddington station. From there, we took the GWR train to Swindon station. From Swindon, we walked to Bus station (Bay 16) to catch a bus 51 (Cheltenham) and stop at The Forum to change to bus 855 (Moreton-in-Marsh) as the direction of Google Map. Unexpectedly, we lost somewhere when switching between two coaches that made the journey much longer than we expected.

For a long 2 hours on the bus, we passed through many beautiful old towns, nestled in small streets, just enough for a car. Irish ivy greens climbing over the wall, blooming cherry blossom trees, and tulips in the spring sunshine are the most gorgeous things that I had ever seen.

After 6 hours of travelling, we arrived at The Square – Bibury. At first sight, I could only say that we were still lucky after all since that place was such gorgeous in springtime.

The honey-coloured 17th century stone cottages with steeply pitched roofs are featured architecture that makes the ancient English village to be well-known. Incalculable beautiful courtyards, filled with lush flowering gardens.



The River Coln flows alongside the midsection of Bibury with Arlington’s main street, which is known as a tributary of the Thames flowing in a very steep valley southeastwards.


The old village actually glows under the spring sun.



A small lovely restaurant near The Square is where you can find a genuinely British meal after a day-long walking, or grab an ice-cream and sit next to the stream with your feet in the water, then enjoy a beautiful spring day in the most British countryside.


Since we arrived in Bibury quite late, so we missed the last bus at 17.50 and needed to return Swindon station by taxi. The village is located in a residential area in which quite far from the center and main road; the only transportations to Bibury are the public bus, private cars, and coaches. You should search or ask for a local taxi near Bibury before, if you don’t want to wait for 1 hour to take a cab like us.

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